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FuZzCasT wants 3 things from you! And what is that?! :D


?*?+?(0´_`0)?.+*Various laws of space time order may apply on your planet/dimension/parallel reality or universe!={@_@]=

Heaps more testing completed. Plus, heaps of new movie releases! AGE 18+ Content in this release - Please be advised of this. Lots of rave videos, music, fan projects [IN THE SEEDBOX]-[YES! AS MANY SEEDBOXES AS POSSIBLE! :D]

- The CD variations fits on a standard CD-R and self-boots. FuZzCasT recommends you use a high-quality CD-R to avoid any problems. That’s right folks! With this space time continuum endless entertainment package, you’ll be gaming, watching movies and listening to music until you reach ascension! [Check the torrent files tab for the full list] \o/ - GAME BACKUPS (MOST KNOWN BACKUPS) - [APPROX 310GB] - Browse the files tab to see torrent contents!

- [PC APPLICATION] IMGBURN-Dreamcast-Patched.7z

This is to burn those CDI files on a CD-R] FuZzCasT recommends you use only high-quality CD-R for the movies to avoid any issues (e.g. TDK GOLD bought off eBay) Other information:

- All FuZzCasT releases self-boot including the videos! The video do not require a self-boot CD! - FuZzCasT always recommends using a VGA/HDMI cable to enjoy your Dreamcast in a more colourful and progressive environment!

- Some TVs are capable to doing a full stretch of the Dreamcast video output (for example some Samsung TVs)

- Some of the music was even produced by myself from my album FuZzCasT - Limited Benny Edition! - Reconnecting your VGA cable can sometimes force your Dreamcast to output a stretched video display (You must stretch the display for the wide-screen movies)

- Some videos have a FuZzCasT intro (this will give you some time to adjust your TV)

-The reason some movies are on more than 1 disc is too increase video quality (some are up to DVD Quality) and reduce video pixilation. There is no pause button when watching a movie but you can restart it by holding ABYX and Start at the same time. This is due to the codec restrictions and the only currently available codec that can output the highest video quality known to the public on the Dreamcast.

- will provide you with various updates on releases from the scene if they aren’t already on the P2P website, you’re on (assuming it’s still around at time you’re viewing this) - Most if not all music tracks are available on beatport/itunes if you want the full version of the track

- You can download shazam for your iOS or Android device and it'll listen to the track and give you the track name then you can look it up on YouTube to compare it the mix or remix name given before you buy - Want to learn how to take your Dreamcast online? Join the Dreamcast online hub today!

Check out places Dreamcast Junkyard on Facebook! for server updates and other news - is a Dreamcast web browser compatible community you can access with all kinds of features!  After years and countless hours of work I'm proud to bring you this torrent! Also, thanks to my alien friend Benny and the rest of the Greys/Aliens and spirits who assisted! All the music artists who made it in to Sonic Adventure - You guys are my legends!

Also included Sonic Adventure (FuZzCasT Edition) is a variation of the classic Dreamcast adventure game with all the music changed over to give it a new feeling of gameplay and to re-inspire the good old days! You'll find various electronic beats which most can be downloaded off Beatport/iTunes. To find out the tune that's playing all you need to do is download the app called Shazam and point your phone/tablet at the speakers like a magic wand! This variation fits on a standard CD-R and self boots. FuZzCasT recommends you use a high-quality CD-R to avoid any problems. Once you pass the loading process from the start up screen the game continues and you'll enjoy the sick beatz! Some of the music was even produced by myself from my album FuZzCasT - Limited Benny Edition! Third Eye News: [Backstory behind the origin of the Dreamcast]-[@_@] The origin of power has been divided between planets because of WAR. The Dreamcast was released to split the power of the origin (the swirl). Humanity is under a test to play and respect the Sega Dreamcast before humanity falls apart.

- Play the Game to survive

- This was a closed eye video vision with audio that shows Dreamcast plays out through parallel realities in some point of the Earth-like planets timelines This is why I do torrent releases as it is a spiritual message and experience I went and am going through! ~SaviourDCX

(Supporting a cause for possible investors for Sega for future projects}

If your Dreamcast doesn't boot a movie CD that came from FuZzCasT then you could upgrade to a GD-EMU (clones work too) but only if your Dreamcast is a VAC1 model. After that it'll work fine. FuZzCasT does not take any responsibly for anything. These movies are designed to work on later model Dreamcast (if burning to CD). Another solution would be to replace the GD-ROM drive with a VAC1 model version. Final quick solution could possibly be replacing the internal board of the GD-ROM drive to a VAC1 board (only tried this once).


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